Live Entertainment Services

Dancing | Drumming | DJ | MC

Live performance for Music Artists, Weddings, Birthdays, Parties, Corporate Events and more!


$100 per song

Are you an artist looking to promote your music or hype a crowd for live performance? Professionally crafted solo of freestyle and choreography dancing to your music: 

Live Entertainment & Party Hype Man


In party entertainment interacting with guests to ensure they fully enjoy themselves. I will interact with guests, show them dance moves, perform flashy moves amidst the party. Guaranteed to sustain high energy throughout the event!

Guaranteed to WOW your guests and infuse high energy into the rest of the event!


  • Groups, duets and solo dances pieces: weddings & anniversaries, birthdays (parent-child dance),

  • Chose your music and style of dance or leave it up to me to choreograph an original routine for you to perform for guests! (Minimum 4 one-hour rehearsals. See private lessons below for hourly rates.

  • Seamless music mix edited for dance routine


  • Provide seamless mixing between songs keeping guests engaged with eclectic, energizing and memorable music

  • Tell me your favorite artists or songs to include in the DJ set

  • Will entertain and hype guests to more fully enjoy positive energy

Production Services

  • Video production and pro audio capture. Equipped with Sony Camera + 2 lenses, stabilizer, drone, iPhone 12 Pro Max + moments lenses, GoPro Hero 8

  • Edit in FCPX

  • Music production: music catalogue previews coming soon


Private Lessons for

Individuals, Duos & Groups

*Book for youth, adult and combo lessons

Private Dance Lessons: Hip Hop Street Styles, Contemporary-Ballet, Afro-fusion, and more!

Choose the style(s) you want to learn and train in. Fundamentals of hip hop street dance and advanced styles from around the U.S. Also offer traditional techniques including ballet, modern, jazz, Afro-Brazilian Samba & Capoeira.

Lessons incorporate structured and freestyle movements to train coordination, strength, flexibility, endurance and more!  


Is there choreography you really want to learn? Send me a video of a performance or music video so we can break down the moves. 

STYLES/TECHNIQUES: Hip Hop: popping, waving, gliding, tutting, breaking, Turfin, Jookin, Ballet, Modern, Contemporary-Jazz, Broadway, Samba, Capoeira

You'll Learn:

  • How to groove and connect with musical rhythms and melodies at various speeds and energies.

  • Different Hip Hop styles developed across America in cities like Oakland and the foundation moves they are built on. Popping, waving, footwork, tutting, breakdancing & more! 

  • How to freestyle using various techniques and styles.

  • Engage in a strong mind-body connection, increase musical awareness and improve athletic ability.

Hourly Rates

Dance, Drum or Fitness Session

Kids (17 & younger)


Personal: $40

Duo: $60 ($30 each)

Groups (3+): $75 ($25 each)

   +$15 per student after 3

Adults (18+)


Personal: $60

Duo: $100 ($50 each)

Groups (3+): $135 ($45 each)

   + $20 per extra student after 3 

*Flexible to run training sessions in various locations including client's home, gyms, dance studios and outdoor spaces. You can book more than one hour at a time.



Hip Hop Street Dance Outdoors

Foundation & Choreography

Class every Friday 4:30-5:45p.m. Starting 2/17/21 -

New routine every two weeks plus access to online video of routine for you to practice Register by clicking here.

Dance Fit Fusion 

Get your sweat on in this cathartic cardio class full of fun, energizing dances that will help you get out of your head, into your body and lift your spirit. Dance moves are accessible and do not require memorizing choreography. Music and moves from hip hop, jazz, West African, Brazilian samba, electronic and more!


Dance sequences are short, easy to remember and performed repetitiously at various speeds to give students time to learn while moving. Develop your cardio, toning, strength, balance, coordination, musical syncopation and more!


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