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 Hey, thanks for stopping by. This site is a window into my expressive, eclectic world of movement, music and visual art. I specialize in dance improvisation, choreography, drumming and production of music, photo and video works. Everything is creativity to me with life itself as the ultimate song and dance. I am freestyler and technician, moved by infinite creative possibilities to express, understand and connect with self, others and earth.

As an Oakland, CA native I grew up around multi-cultural art spaces especially Brazilian, which I am a descendent. After studying at Oakland School for the Arts and New School University in New York City, I performed professionally as a dancer and actor in and around NYC.

I am constantly creating dance videos, musical compositions and live theater pieces, while training youth and adults ways to manifest their creativity freely and confidently. Movement and music are therapeutic practices that go beyond words.

My movement is rooted in hip hop street styles including Turfin from Oakland, CA incorporating popping, waving, gliding, tutting, animation and other techniques. I also have trained many years in contemporary, ballet, jazz, Afro-Brazilian samba, capoeira and more! My love for art is abundant as it gives me an irreplaceable sense of freedom, creativity and clarity on all levels of life.

Enjoy the site and subscribe to stay connected with my work and classes. Feel free to email me with any questions or inquiries for lessons, live events, creative projects and more. 

Pro-dance lessons, 

Classes, Camps

  • Dance training: hip hop, contemporary

  • Dance audition preparation

  • A fun mental, physical and spiritual workout training mind-muscle connection, strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, endurance and more!

  • Services include one on one and small group lessons. Click below below for full details.

Choreography & Creative Direction

  • Scheduled rehearsals and follow ups with practice video footage. 

  • Fun, accessible movements you, friends, family or coworkers can participate and connect through.

  • Solos, duets & group dances for beginners at all ages can learn.

  • Custom music edits with speed changes to best suit everyone.

Performance &

Live Entertainment

  • Live dance solo performances 

  • Guest engagement to live music, a DJ, or mix. 

  • Drum live from an electric set and/or djembe.

  • DJ an eclectic range of music

  • MC with charismatic commentary to elevate guests' energy throughout an event.



Dance Videos

Subscribe to my YouTube channel for dance, drums, music & fitness videos!


Photo Gallery


Fuerza Bruta 'Corredor'
Shot by Joel Caldwell
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