Cole Dance Camp 2021!

Golden Gate Academy, Oakland

Four One-Week Sessions In Person!

 June 14th to July 23rd M-F 9am-3pm 

Week 1: June 14-18

Week 2: June 21-25

Week 3June 28-July 2
Week 4July 5-9

  - 12 Campers per session​ for personalized, engaging experience.


- Lots of outdoor class time and playtime on campus: balls, frisbees, hula hoops, jungle gym and more.

- End of session performance on stage with spaced seating in large theater.

- High energy creative encouragement and fun in low-stress environment.  


- Masked, physically distanced and daily health checks

- New activities and techniques every week 


- Uplifting energy through dance, music, storytelling

- Multi-levels give students something new to learn and improve upon no matter age or experience level.



Cole Dance Camp is an immersive multi-performing exploration of dance movement, music, storytelling, athleticism, expression, technique and more. Students learn hip hop, Brazilian & contemporary dance movements, musical patterns, theatrical techniques and creative ways to tell stories with movement. 


Golden Gate Academy

Redwood Heights Area

3800 Mountain Blvd. Oakland


9a.m. - 3p.m.

Extended care

8a.m. - 5:30p.m


Recommend ages
6-12 Entering 1st-6th grades


$400 per week

10% sibling discount

Extended care $10/hr

owed by last day of camp


As always- the safety of the children is our number one priority. We will be following all safety protocol required by the County of Alameda. As of now, the expectation is that campers and staff will be masked at all times, socially distanced and regular cleaning and sanitizing of common areas and bathrooms will be practiced. 


Full refunds until two week before camp. After two weeks prior 20% fee. If camp is cancelled or has to be cut short due to COVID, refunds will be issued for the number of days missed.

Hip Hop, Brazilian, Contemporary & Creative DanceCapoeira

Drumming, Percussion & Beat-Making!


 Dance & Capoeira

- Freestyle techniques and games

- Imagination, visualization & storytelling

- Dance battles showcasing originality and knowledge of moves

- Gymnastics basics

- New choreography routine each week


Drumming & Beat Making​

- Percussion with household objects

- Live beat making with drum machine

- Sampling students voices and other sounds in beats.


Storytelling with Doug Cole

- Storytelling

- Everyday to give students downtime to eat, rest, laugh and enjoy.

- Puppeteering performances 

Location & Spaces

Dance lessons will primarily take place in a large classroom. The room stays quite cool and is connected to main playground when students need more air. We will have a canopy and lunch tables available. 


Golden Gate Academy1.jpg
Golden Gate Academy4.jpg


20-30 minute stage performance after camp Friday of each week. Showcasing dance freestyles and choreography!



Campers learn foundation moves and histories of multiple street dance styles from around the world, including the Bay Area's own TURF dancing. Children develop unique moves and build technical skills to express themselves articulately and freely through movement. They develop strong mind-muscle connection while practicing musicality (how they interpret the music with movement), athleticism: grace, balance, explosive movements and more.
I make sure to meet each individual at their physical, emotional and creative levels - challenging them through creative directions and abilities. At Cole Dance Camp students learn how to tell stories with their bodies as one would with words, but musically. Teaching students how to visualize and actualize.
Each camper receives personalized attention to guide their natural creativity in ways that are intuitive. I reinforce that there aren't any right or wrongs in expressing oneself through art, but rather a spectrum of expression and abilities. Imagination is a tool of infinite possibilities that will help them excel in anything they pursue in life along with the mental and physical technique to make manifest.
Campers will learn a bunch of ways to move their bodies through techniques including body isolations, grooving, footwork, style, acting, storytelling and more. Each week students learn a new choreography based on moves learned that week. Styles include hip hop party dances, breakin, TURF dance, Jookin, Afro-Brazilian, contemporary-ballet, capoeira martial arts. Students will have access to instruments as well to play, while resting from dance.
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